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Our main priority is building a capable project to attract the attention of the suppliers, employees and creditors interested in unity and congruence, adding up wills, in order to satisfy the customers’ needs in a competitive, global and changing world.

We make financial plans in the supply chain by getting the best return on investment ( ROI ) and the best EBITDA calculated before the deduction of financial expenses.

About us

We are a great team, passionate for the work that we done on purchase, consulting services and business strategies with our clients in order to build long productive win-win relation.

We have the experience and knowledge of a generational mix that enriches the organization to help your company to generate higher profits through savings (between 10% and 25%). We work with all kind of clients, sectors and regions in order to identify your business opportunities.

Adriana Gaitán
Strategy / CEO Founder
Rinku Sharma
Representante Europa
Arely Acuña

Who we are?

BC & Savings is a consulting firm located in Mexico and Panama, these countries have been chosen because they are considered world production HUB countries (logistics, connectivity and fiscal). We love working with a wide range of clients - big and small, charities and private clients in order to be success.


Becoming an ally in the design of strategies for the public and private organizations to increase its efficiency by generating a structure of permanence and competitiveness.


Consolidate our position as a prestigious consulting firm globally, in order to get the maximum optimization of our client’s resources.


We believe in inclusion as the core value of our organization, on behalf of the humanization, different abilities, gender equity, honesty and transparency, to strengthen the physical and psychological field of work teams; generating productive and profitable organizations.

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